Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Blue Plate

Maybe this is true in every house of children, but in our house, it's all about the blue plate. When we visited Portland, Oregon about a year ago I found these cute robot plates by French Bull at a gift shop and thought they would be a fun gift to take home for the boys. I bought one in blue and one in yellow, and thought I was the coolest Mom in the world.
Fast forward to when we get home and I unwrap the cool plates, expecting oohs and ahhs, but instead I get, from both boys simultaneously, "I want the blue plate." And thus it has been ever since, there are always fights over the blue robot plate, and the poor yellow robot plate is avoided like the plague. I have tried to explain that it doesn't make the food taste any different, that the yellow plate has a blue robot on in, and I've even threatened to give the plates away because of the fighting, but to no avail.

Oh, life with kids. Never a dull moment.


lara said...

We had this situation with a red bowl, aka "the ruby bowl" when Eva and Ingrid were little, so I changed the name of a black bowl to "black ruby," and that helped a little. But you really can't win, because if you get two items that are exactly the same, one will get a scratch or something and then the fight will ensue about which blue plate belongs to which jealous rival.