Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why I Became A Mother

When I decided to have children, my main motivation wasn't because I had a lot to offer, or that I thought I could raise human beings that could add something to the world.

It was because I wanted to make holiday cookies.


I just love making holiday cookies, and the coming of Halloween welcomes my favorite time of the year. That means lots of get togethers with friends to decorate baked goods. And it started yesterday.

So, maybe I do have a lot (of baked goods) to offer, and who ever said that decorating cookies doesn't make better human beings to add something to the world?


Kate Bailey said...

There is DEFINITELY something about baking things that improves people. I will not argue that at all! But more than the actual baking, I think it's the time spent with each other while baking that is the most significant. :) Cute pumpkin cookies, by the way!