Monday, November 29, 2010


When I was living in London I saw a black cab with an Amsterdam ad on the side that said "Amsterdammit!," and I've been wanting to use it ever since. And now, ten years later, my time has finally come.

I guess I'm just doing some catch up with all we did in the past year, and I realized that I totally missed our time in Amsterdam. So sad, considering that Amsterdam is my favorite city in all the world. A new addition since my last visit was the Iamsterdam sign on the Museumplein. Not only is it clever, it looks cool and was a great place for the kids to play. Well, that and the half pipe where they made quite a few new Dutch friends.

I was surprised how much fun Amsterdam was with the kids. I had only ever been there with grown-ups before, but there was a ton of fun for kids (including a great play center called Tun Fun). Steve and I are planning on returning this spring for a performance of one of his pieces, and while I am looking forward to going to nice restaurants and staying up late (as well as sleeping in a bit), I will miss the bike rides in the Vondelpark and hanging out on the Museumplein with Max and Jack.

Well, maybe just a little bit.


Jill Bagley said...

ok---so i am just getting to catch up on your blog ( sorry) ---and you may never even see this comment because its such an old posting, but
i just have to say thank you for all your reccommends in amsterdam. my life would have never been the same if i hadnt been to Puccini chocolates.
if i ever get the chance to go there again---i will bring home 50 lbs of their marzipan/fig dark chocolates and freeze them. ahhh---sigh,
it makes me happy to think about eating them :) ha ha