Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Max showing our two drawings of our muse, the porcupine.

I was really looking forward to today because Jack had an after school playdate, which meant I had THE WHOLE DAY TO MYSELF!


So I took the kids to school, did a little grocery shopping, went to yoga, and was just bringing in the garbage cans from the curb when my cell phone rang and I saw it was Max's elementary school calling. Well, my first reaction was "oh great, someone's throwing up," so I answered immediately. Instead it was Max telling me that he had a field trip today and needed more parents to come and wanted to know if I would.


I mean, what do you do? I had no excuse other than my own personal interests to keep me home. I even told Max that I would try, but I wasn't sure. My body was weak (it really wanted that nap I had been planning), but the will was strong (Max never asks for anything, ever), so I sucked up my selfishness and went.

We walked to the natural history museum so the kids could sketch the animals. Max and I got to sit together on a bench and sketch a porcupine together, which, really, how often do you get to do that with your children? But really, that wasn't the best part. The best part was when I first got to his classroom and he turned around to see his slacker mother had shown up after all, and his face totally lit up like his favorite rock star had just walked in the room.

After a response like that, I only have one thing to say: Naps are over-rated.


Crys said...

Why is it that starting something is always e hard part. I always think this about the dishes. I NEVER want to do the dishes, but then find that I really don't mind once I am doing it and LOVE it when they are done. Smiles and loves from the kiddos and Jones is a good motivator to do just about anything.