Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bibliophiles Beware

I hate to admit I'm still unpacking.

And unpacking.

And unpacking.

In fact, the only good that came out of Briscoe's death is that we now can use our utility room for all the boxes we haven't got around to yet. And what is in all those boxes, you may ask? Books. Way, way too many books. Look, I was an English major, worked in bookstores for years and years, and love books. I just love the look of them on shelves and seeing them all lined up there is like seeing a nicely organized row of good friends. So, as you may imagine, I find them hard to part with.

But since I got a lot of free books through my book selling career, there are many that I haven't read, and I keep thinking I am going to throw them out. But they look so pretty there in their dust jackets, and I admit, I feel like the more books I have, the smarter I look (whether I've read them or not). Moving into a modern, minimalist house has made me rethink though. I abhor clutter and I don't want them shoved under the beds. It's been a bit of a dilemma, but I think I have finally seen the light after reading this article that was in The Guardian today. I mean, really, do I need a reminder of all the books I think I should have read looming over me all the time? I think not.

It's time for, as the British say, a little culling.

Anyone want some good novels?


Mikilani said...

I feel your pain. We ended up moving into a 2 bedroom condo and the garage is filled with boxes (mostly books)! I'm constantly going to the garage to find something or other that hasn't yet been unpacked.

I also wanted to say, "Happy Belated Birthday!" I hope you had a nice day and the boys treated you extra special.

p.s. I think that except for turning 21, the '1's are always harder than the '0's. Something about solidly belonging to that decade, rather than flirting between two like you do when you turn 40. But it doesn't really matter, you look Mah-veh-lous! :)

Alison said...

Cull like you never have before, and remember, libraries are free and specialise in storing books for us. If you get the urge to read a book you have passed along or recycled you can always borrow it from the library. I love that concept.

I also agree with Charlie Brooker, there is simply too much information to take in.

Christian said...

See this post by Roger Ebert especially for us bibliophiles:

(You can see my comment on there too if you scroll down.)