Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Love To Walk In The Rain

The boys went to play at their friends house tonight after dinner, so Steve and I decided to take a walk, one of our long lost, often missed, past times from life before kids. Who cared that it was pouring rain, in my opinion it made it even better. The iPhone portrait isn't the best, but I just wanted to capture the moment.
It reminded me of a lot of things, mostly how much I love spending time with Steve, but also of my favorite day of our honeymoon and walks in London together. But it also took me back, way back, to Sunday afternoons when I would watch Shirley Temple movies on TV. My dad made a recording of a bunch of the songs for me, and this one was always my favorite:

Even though I live in a desert, I still love to walk in the rain.

And I always will.


Kate Bailey said...

How fun! That picture of you two reminds me of how my mom and I used to always go running in the rain when I was a kid. Those are some of my favorite memories! We only did it when it was a warm rain, though... I think I would have been too much of a wimp to go running in the rain we've gotten lately... it's cold!! :)