Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kinda Like Your Favorite Rock Star Coming To Spend A Day In Paris With You

We had a fantastic surprise last week. Steve's cousin Jill and her family came to visit us. Jill's husband Dave is a pilot for Delta, so they decided to hop a flight to Paris for spring break and come to see us. Unfortunately we only got to spend one day together, and it was one of those crazy Paris spring days that alternate between sunny and beautiful and freezing and raining every 15 minutes. Jill and Dave's kids Jack and Katie are total rock stars to Max and Jack, so spending a day with them in Paris was just about the end all be all in their book. Here's some photos:

Dave, Jack, Katie, Jill and Max in front of the I Love You wall in Monmartre during one of our fifteen minutes of sunshine. By the time we had stopped at Sacre Coeur for a few minutes, it was pouring.

Riding the metro with Katie during a rainy bit of the day.

And sunshine again at Notre Dame when Dave gave Jack a piggy back ride.

Max, Katie, Jack and I walking along the Seine.

And one of my favorite moments of the day was when Jack asked me if he could take the sleeping mask Jack and Katie had given him from their flight to bed with him. When I went to check on him, I found he had decided to actually put it to good use.
Alas, even this didn't get him to sleep past six.

Jill, Dave, Jack & Katie, thanks so much for coming to visit!
You really made our (rainy) day!