Monday, April 5, 2010

"Mommy, I Wanna See The Gates Of Hell"

So, even after months of living in Paris, I'm still discovering things that are right in our back yard. Last week, it was the Museé Rodin, which is just next door to Les Invalides. I had seen it on the map and we had talked about going, but now that our time is getting shorter and shorter, we thought we'd better go ahead and do it before it got too late.
So, we packed up the boys and went on the three block walk and found a truly beautiful art experience. There was so much to see, not the least of which was the beautiful old mansion that houses the collection. I love that part of Paris, not only is the art amazing, but they really know how to present it better than anywhere else around.
Whenever we take Max to a new museum, he wants to get a map to find his way around. After walking around the inside of the museum we went out to the gardens and Max was studying his map trying to figure out where all the sculptures were. As we were walking along, he said thoughtfully, "Mommy, I wanna see The Gates of Hell," one of the many sculptures covering the garden. Well, it's not often that you get a request like that, so we had to oblige. Here's some photos:

Max and Jack and "The Thinker."

Inside the museum. I love these antique mirrors that make everything look soft and misty. It was a great way to see the art reflected.


Max and I in the gardens with the museum behind us.

More sculptures, and then finally...
...The Gates of Hell.

And even when standing in front of the Gates of Hell, these guys still need to mix it up a little bit. Just part of going to an art museum with a four and seven year old.