Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Proof That I Am, In Fact, Insane

I usually avoid Christmas shopping like the plague. I hate the traffic most of all, but then there's the lines and the screaming kids and the manic Christmas music to contend with as well. So I had to stop and take the photo above today as the boys and I walked into Toys R Us (the bowls of Christmas Shopping Hell). I was planning to go to another store WAY off the beaten path, but the boys insisted we go there to pick out presents for their friends. And since I'm trying to have the holiday spirit and all, I caved.

And guess what.

It wasn't all that bad. The store was way overstaffed and it was early enough that it wasn't too crowded yet either, so the employee to customer ratio was like two to one. Nice.

And it brought back memories of how much I loved to go Christmas shopping in the height of the season when I was a kid. I lived near downtown Salt Lake City at the time and I remember the bustle of a sorta big city with the lights at Temple Square and the snowflakes falling against the stoplights. Now downtown Salt Lake City is one big pit of construction, and those places I remember are long gone. That's what made it even more amazing to have these little memories of my life as a kid, growing up in a city at Christmas, come back to me. In the middle of Toys R Us.

I think this is what they call a Christmas miracle.