Thursday, August 20, 2009


Again with the list.

Another thing I love about the new house is that we get our cat, Briscoe back. (He's named after Lenny Briscoe, the character played by the late, great Jerry Orbach on Law & Order. We went through a heavy L&O phase early in our marriage). He's been living with my parents for the last year because we couldn't have pets in our rental. I often felt bad because I forgot about him a lot, but we have loved having him back. The boys love him, and were so excited to pet and play with him and set up a space for him in our utility room.

I admit, I've loved having him back too. There' something so zen about a cat. They are so still and quiet, and there is something truly therapeutic to me about petting Briscoe and hearing him purr.

I'm sorry, Briscoe, for forgetting how much you add to our family. It's good to have you back.


Kate Bailey said...

Yay! I bet he's excited to be back to you guys, too! There really is something zen about having a cat, huh? Except that one of mine is devilish and ruins all the zen-ness of all of our cats. SIGH.

By the way, love those pictures of Steve in your previous post!