Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creating A Life Worth Living

Years ago I gave Steve a book called Creating A Life Worth Living, which was a career guide for people in the arts. I always knew he would be a college professor, but I thought it had some good insights, but if I'm completely honest, I bought it just because I loved the title.

I've often thought about how to create a life worth living, and sometimes I've been more successful than others. Mostly I think it comes down to attitude. All in all, I think life is always worthwhile.

There has been a lot of stress with the house building and the move (as you well know if you read this blog), and I'll admit, there have been times when I wondered if it was all worth it. Over the past few days I've had some experiences that have really confirmed to me that yes, it was worth it, not the least of which was yesterday afternoon spent in our new backyard.

To give you some context, our last house was part of a newer subdivision, so it backed up onto a bunch of other backyards and had no trees, few kids, and no privacy. And the past year we've lived in a condo with no yard, so the yard has become a very big deal. Check it out:

When I saw the kids playing with their friends underneath the old cherry tree I realized that alone was worth all of it.

Now, if I can just survive assembling all that IKEA furniture, my life will be complete.


Kate Bailey said...

Your boys will love that backyard for years to come! I'm sure all of this building and moving stuff has been stressful, but it's almost over, and you've got SO much to show for it! Good luck assembling all of the IKEA furniture! At least IKEA's stuff is usually pretty easily put together and the holes usually line up!! LOL.