Monday, March 29, 2010

At Versailles

So, I'm still catching my breath after all the activity of the last few weeks, and still catching up on the time that my sister Angela was here to visit. Seriously, I am looking forward to the days when I have to scratch my head to come up with something to write on the blog. I swear, it's way easier than sifting through the backlog of activities and photos.

Yeah, I know, boo-hoo, call the wahmbulance.

Anyway, I was so glad that Angela wanted to go visit Versailles while she was here because after all the times I've visited Paris and two months here, I still hadn't gone. I guess it's because I always have had a million other things I wanted to do, so a 45 minute train ride seemed like too much time to sacrifice, but it was seriously amazing, and totally worth the trip. Check it out:

Max and some cute Japanese tourists at the gates of the Palace.

Making faces in the hall of mirrors.

Down the hall of mirrors. Now if all those annoying tourists would just get out of my way so I could take a decent photo...

A self-portrait.

Marie-Antoinette's bed chamber.

The Gardens.
Running along the hedgerows.

Max and Jack made friends with a ladybug...

...and a very silly swan.

And with all the sites at Versailles, the thing I will remember most is how hard the boys laughed when the swan went bottoms up while it looked for food on the bottom of the pond. Far more priceless than any silly old palace, in my opinion.


Pitts Girl said...

Thanks for the post. It was a fabulous day and I enjoyed spending with you.