Thursday, March 11, 2010

Exact Change, S'il Vous Plaît

Do you want to know what you can do to really tick off a French person?

No, seriously, I mean, really, really, get under their skin?

Pay for a baguette with a 20 Euro bill.

Here's how it will all shake down:

First, you slap the twenty on the counter on the boulangerie with a smile on your face because you're thinking "Hey, my 20's good here, and now I'll have a whole bunch of those awesome 2 Euro coins that look like chocolates."

Second, the cashier looks at you in total disgust and then asks, incredulously, if you don't have the exact change.

You say, "Non."

Then cashier then picks up your twenty as if it is a dirty rag, drops your change on the counter, and throws the baguette in your face with a look of "I bake bread, I don't count change, you American swine."

And then on the way home you find she short changed you one of those beautiful chocolate 2 Euro coins.

Ah, the French. Gotta love them.

(And I do love you Marie-Laure!)


M-L said...

I have to ask: did you say 'bonjour!' you know the cheery way you do upon entering a store or before putting down your Oh! so big bill? Did you?

Kate Bailey said...

Your blog makes me feel like I'm in France. I love all of the details!

The Ricks said...

Okay, I have to admit this was Steve's experience, not mine. But it did happen that way, and even if you give cashiers just about anywhere ANYTHING but the correct change they act as if it's a big imposition. Even when I give them the cheery 'bonjour'.

Angela said...

Ha ha ha ha! This is so true!