Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Needs A Backyard?

When I first learned we would be moving to Paris I wondered how the kids would do without a backyard. For as long as they've been around we've had houses with big patches of grass they've had all to themselves. City living was an adjustment at first, but soon we were into the swing of things and started spending time every day at the nearby Champ De Mars, and lately it's been scootering at Les Invalides.

Setting off for some fun at Napolean's Tomb.

Scooter races: You start at the gate to Les Invalides and then go to the corner (trying to avoid the tourists and cranky French people along the way)...

...and then back again to see who wins.

Max won this time, but believe me, Jack can hold his own, and he beats me almost every time.

And when the scooters get old, there's always races around the empty fountain.

Jack taking a lap.

Seriously, these guys have no idea how lucky they are.