Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I ♥ Paris In The Springtime


Well, besides the obvious reason that IT'S NOT FREEZING ANYMORE, another reason to love Paris in the Spring is that it brings visitors from home, the first being my sister Angela. She must have brought the sunny weather with her from Arizona, because we've had some of the most beautiful days ever since we arrived.

So, what do you do when the sky is sunny and the air is warm?

Go back to the cemetery.

I know, I know, but Angela had never been, and really, it is one of the most amazing sites in Paris (in my humble, albeit goth, opinion). Here come the photos:

Jack and I amongst the headstones.

Max and moss. And we got him to kiss Oscar Wilde's grave this time around.

Seriously, there are as many beautiful things to see at Peré Lachaise as any museum in Paris.

After the headstones, we headed out for lunch at Creperie Beaubourg at the Place de Stravinsky. It has one of my favorite cafes in Paris. I've gone there every time I've been here because I love the view of the fountain there and it's close to the Pompidou Center, and I'm always there at some time or another. And since the weather was so nice, we got to go way French with it and sit outside. I love that. And I have vowed to eat outside as much as possible until we leave Paris.

After lunch we had to feed the pigeons, which Jack loves to do. There was a group of school kids on a field trip running around the square, people were out enjoying the sun on their lunch breaks.

Some super cool graffiti art by the cafe.

I will miss these moments in Paris.

That's starting to hit me now.

And I'm not pleased.