Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Ibiza, Chapter 18: Wait A Minute, I Think I Might Actually Like Building A House Again

Well, I haven't written about the house for a while, so long in fact, many of you probably wondered if we were still building a house. Well the good news is, we are, and the bad news is, we are. But let's not be negative. I'm in a much better place about it today, and I decided on this post I want to focus on something that was going right for once, so here it is:

Now, to the naked eye, this may just look like some random stainless steel sink. Oh, but it is more, so much more. You can't tell because of the cover, but this stainless steel beauty is integrated into the stainless steel counter tops. That's right, no gunk collecting between the sink and the counter top here. And it's huge, HUGE I TELL YOU! You got a big cookie sheet that needs to be hand washed? No problem. The whole thing will fit in this sink. AT THE SAME TIME! Can you tell I'm a little excited? Oh, if only I had a picture of the laundry chute. Then you'd really see some excitement. But I think they might shut this blog down if I showed that much excitement on the Internet, so you'll just have to take my word for it.