Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Are We Getting On The Boat?

Back to the saga of the cruise. Even with all our flight delays, we arrived in plenty of time to get on the boat, and Jack kept asking all morning when we were going to get on it. He was fascinated with the idea of living on a boat for a week, so he just couldn't wait, and was VERY EXCITED on the trip from the airport to the boat:

Looking for the boat.

The thumbs up is always a good sign.

We got on the boat, met up with the other 23 members of our party, and then went to dinner. After that we went to bed to sleep off our very late night due to our unexpected trip to Nashville. Before going to bed, we were reminded that we had to be up by 8 AM to go to the special breakfast in the morning with a lot of "special guests."

We got up in the morning, and the breakfast didn't disappoint. There was lots of friends to see:


...and Minnie...

...and Mickey Mouse waffles.

And as if that wasn't enough, there were crazy napkin hats for all:

Max with Goofy ears.

Jack with a Peter Pan hat.

But best of all was Steve as a true pirate of the Caribbean.

And then it was off to what would be many, many hours playing in the Mickey Mouse pool (which came complete with water slide).

Max practicing his new found swimming skills.

Jack beside himself with happiness.

The water slide.

I think they were having fun, what do you think? I just hope Jack's smile had nothing to do with the girl in the bikini in front of him in line.

It was a fun, action packed day and by the time we turned in that night, the boys were exhausted. Just before bed Jack looked at me dreamily and asked "Mommy, when are we getting on the boat?" I don't think Jack realized what he was in for, and when I told him we were on the boat he just smiled and laughed, and went to sleep. I think it was then he finally had an idea of the fun we had in store for the next seven days.

They don't call this boat the Disney Magic for nothing.


Alison said...

These are great photos Laura. I especially love how happy the boys look in every picture.