Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking The Plank

My very favorite day on the cruise was the one we spent in the Cayman Islands. We got there in the morning, and slowly ate breakfast and pulled things together, and then headed out. We had an excursion planned later in the day, but we walked around a bit before we went. Two things I learned that day was 1) I hate tourist traps, and 2) I could not live in a place that regularly has temperatures in the 90's and 100% humidity. I literally would die. And so would the kids. Every day after we got off the boat the heat and humidity wilted them so quickly that it was about 15 minutes before they wanted to go back, but since we had an excursion later in the day, we had to push through the heat stroke (well, not quite). We wandered around town, and after a little bit of roaming, we all stopped for a much needed drink.

Jack and Max drinking their punch (minus the usual rum) to cool off.

The boys also enjoyed feeding bread to this Caribbean chicken that was wandering among the tables in the open air restaurant where we stopped.

Posing with what would not be the last pirate we saw that day.

Then it was on to our excursion. I had looked over the catalog the pamphlet that the cruise line put together, and the Pirate Encounter in the Cayman Islands sounded like fun, and all of us were old enough to go. It stated that it was a ride on a boat and a swim stop with pirates, and I thought the boys might get a kick out of it. I wasn't too hopeful as I thought it would not live up to our expectations, but it was even more awesome. Here's some photos:

The cool ship that we took around the bay. It was such a fun and exciting trip for the boys who thought we were going with real pirates. Jack was a little nervous about them, so I finally let him in on the fact that they were just pretending. He was relieved.

Max and Jack on the ship.

The first part of the trip we spent cruising around the bay pretending to shoot the cannon at all the cruise ships docked there. It was loud and had a lot of smoke, and the boys loved it.

Then it was time for the boys to earn their keep and become official "mates" on the boat. Here they are swabbing the deck.

Then, after all that work, it was time to walk the plank. Jack was a little afraid, so he just climbed down the ladder on the side of the boat, but Max's swimming lessons made him fearless, and he had no problem jumping right in.

We all had an awesome time swimming in the amazing blue water. Seriously, this stuff doesn't look real. Steve said it looks just like Sani-Flush in a public toilet. I'd have to agree, but luckily it doesn't smell just like it.

And, to top off he day, there was a huge Pirates in the Caribbean party that night on the ship. Here's Jack with his Uncle Dan and a real pirate earring.

Max was a little confused with where his eye patch went, but he still got a cute photo with Granny.

After all the festivities we hung out in our room, ordered room service, and watched some of one of the Disney movies that came on every two hours. Oh, life on a cruise.

What a day!


Kate Bailey said...

Your cruise looks so much fun! We will have to plan one of these for our family sometime in the future. And I agree, 90s and 100% humidity is terrible! That's how it was in Boston on our wedding day... I don't know if I've ever been so drenched in my life!! :)