Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Is it just me, or were Colorforms the coolest thing ever back in the day? I remember having a Peanuts set and a Sesame Street set, and probably some others I don't remember. I've always wanted to get them for the boys, but the Colorforms sets now are all Dora the Explorer and other cartoon characters I can't stand, so I was happy to find this Orignial Colorforms Set for Max's birthday a couple of years ago. It sparks a lot more creativity than those old sets too since it comes with just basic shapes in primary colors and black and white backgrounds, so kids (and adults who love them like me) have to use their imagination. Check out what Jack came up with:

Getting the creative juices flowing.

A robot with a caterpillar (pronounced callapitter) underneath.

The proud Colorforms artist.