Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weather Wishes

I was thinking yesterday while I was walking in the close to 100 degree heat that September is here and enough already. I think when I was a kid, September actually meant that the weather would be cooling down, at least by the time Labor Day was over (okay, so we've got a few days), but I swear, sometimes I think the heat goes on into early October, which makes me particularly cranky. So, I am hoping that all my wishing will actually bring fall on, and I added one of my favorite photos from last fall when we were in Belgium for good luck.

Here's hoping for a long fall (starting tomorrow, preferably) and lasting until the day after Thanksgiving, when it is then allowed to snow until March. And then, if we're weather wishing, let's just say that spring lasts until late May when we will be back from Paris and I'll be able to see the lilacs.

Okay, now that's just being greedy. I'll take that one back, and just wish for the Fall thing.
I don't think it's too much to ask.


Patricia said...


Eva said...

And another amen!

My aunt, who has lived here her whole life, pointed out that Utah really only has two seasons: summer and winter. In a way it's true. It tends to suddenly start snowing in the fall and then it keeps snowing until summer.

But you'll be in Paris in the spring time, no?


ML said...

You may be complaining about the humid French climate when you come back, but I really hope you love it all! The good thing right now about all this heat is that my laundry dries outside in no time!