Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happiness Is...

...worn out sidewalks. I grew up in one of the oldest parts of Salt Lake City, so deteriorating, bumpy sidewalks were all I ever knew. It started to bother me a bit when I had Max and would take him on walks as a newborn and the bumps from the uneven sidewalks would wake him up. But when we moved into our last house in a new neighborhood with wide, smooth sidewalks, I felt a real loss. It felt like walking on plastic. Max didn't wake up, but the sidewalks, along with the lack of people walking down the streets, made me feel like the last person on earth. In fact, we had a crack in our driveway that I never even noticed until the realtor pointed it out and demanded that the seller fix it for us, which they did. I liked it less afterwards, but at least Max got to leave an 18 month old handprint in it before the cement dried.

So, when I was walking home with Max from school the other day and spied the potholes and broken corners of the sidewalks in our new neighborhood, I had to smile. It just makes me think of all the kids who walked home from school on them before us, and all the kids that will walk home from school on them after us.

I love that.