Friday, September 18, 2009

Kevin Bacon Was Here

The other day, when driving home from one of my many trips to IKEA, Jack announced that he needed to use the bathroom. While we were doing 80 down the freeway. So, I took the first exit and am happy to report he made it. I was a bit annoyed because we were running late, but then I looked to the right and saw the Lehi Roller Mills, the site of the big dance Kevin Bacon organized that turned the little town he lived in upside down in Footloose way back in the 80's.

How much did I love that movie? How many times did I see it? How cute did I think Kevin Bacon was back in 1984 (well, if I'm honest, I think he's even cuter now)? Let's just say that I played "Let's Hear It For The Boy" so many times on my cassette player that I wore it out. Literally.

But you can't wear out the Internet, so here it is, it all it's glory:


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