Friday, February 5, 2010

At The Cité de la Science et l'industrie

One of my kid's favorite things to do at home is go to the Children's Museum. I love it because they are entertained, can play with whatever they want, learn a little something, and I rarely have to say no to them the whole time we're there.

So, when I found out we were moving to Paris, I did a little research to find out what they had that was similar here. What I found was the Cité des Enfants, at the Cité de la Science et l'industrie. It is so cool that it blows our local Children's Museum at home totally out of the water. Here's a little glimpse into our day:

This gigantic wood ball run was Max's favorite thing at the museum. The boys had to move levers with their hands and feet to make a large wooden ball move from one end of the machine to the other.

These boys love to play with water, and it's always the most fun when someone gets wet.

This was one of my favorite things in the museum, a big, inflatable igloo type tent that was actually a wind tunnel inside.

Who knew playing with air could be so fun?

And I want this jungle gym in my living room to double as a plaything and modern art.

Max and Jack keeping themselves and some beanbag weights balanced.

I'll admit, I totally don't get some things about the French, but what I do get, and absolutely adore is their desire to make everything beautiful. I almost thought I was in a modern design museum instead of a children's museum. This little contraption below is actually made to teach children balance. If you turn all the petal looking things one way, it rocks to the side, but if you spread them all out like so, it stays up. Seriously, this would look amazing in my living room. It's big enough for a child to sit on, and its a good thing because if it had of fit in my handbag I would have been seriously tempted to swipe it.

Word play. The best part? Jack spelled his name all by himself.

Sharing an Orangina in the cafe afterwards
(yes, a children's museum with a cafe. Genius).

After our drink we took a walk through the Parc de la Vilette that surrounds the museum.

The boys checking out La Geode, which is actually a theater where they show IMAX films. I told you those French are cool.

And an old WWII submarine.

Seriously, you can't spit in this town without hitting some amazing art.

A clever sculpture by the bike trail in the Park.

More sculpture. This time chairs that not only look cool, but spin too! Kid paradise!

Two tired boys on the metro ride home.


Tammy said...

How amazingly cool! What great memories your boys are getting.