Sunday, February 7, 2010

Les Escargots

When we first told the boys that we were moving to France, the inevitable topic came up: THEY EAT SNAILS THERE! They couldn't believe it, but I told them that they weren't that bad (I'd had them a couple of times before), and that I was going to be sure that they tried them while we were there. Their reply?


Well, I didn't want to spend a bunch of Euros in a restaurant for something they probably wouldn't eat, but the other day when I was in Picard (which is another genius French invention, by the way), I saw that they sold them for only 4 Euros per dozen, so I picked some up. I told the boys that I had them, and again, the same reply:


But I told them I was going to save them for a special occasion, and that occasion came up last night when we had two of the students, Brooklyn and Skye, over for Sunday dinner to celebrate their birthdays this month. The boys were dreading it, and we found out Brooklyn and Skye hadn't tried escargot either, so it was the perfect time to break them out. When we first brought them out to the table this was the boy's reactions:

But once I had tried one, they were a little more intrigued,
and then Brooklyn and Skye took the plunge.

Getting them out of the shell is half the battle.

And then you have to look at them while they're on your plate.
Not a beautiful sight.

The first bite is the hardest part.
Well, okay, the chewing and the swallowing isn't much easier.

But the best part, by far, is when Max finally decided to give them a try. I'd like to say he came to this decision all on his own, but I have to admit I had to bribe him with 2 Euros to get him to take a taste. Luckily he can be cheaply bought, because this next little clip is truly priceless (I especially love the nervous giggling and when his gag reflex kicks in. But he did it)! :

And what about Jack? Well, I have to say I'm proud that he didn't give into peer (and parental) pressure and stood by his guns. In fact, he couldn't even watch:

But don't worry, I'm not that mean, and made it up to the birthday girls and the boys with a whole mess of French pastries with a whole bunch of candles for dessert.

And mark my words, I'm gonna get Jack to eat a snail before we leave France. I may have to puree it in his morning smoothie, but believe me, it will happen.


Brooklyn said...

Hahaha I love this post! The boys faces are priceless... and some of mine as I'm eating the snail are pretty interesting too

elizabeth said...

This post made me laugh out loud...LOL. I love the boys faces!! I love that Jack had to cover his face, he just couldn't take it. Your boys are adorable...

Emily Gillrie said...

those photos are perfect. They depicted every bodies reaction to snalis.