Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Date Night

When Steve and I first found out that we were going to be living in Paris we got all excited listing all the things we wanted to do. And then we stopped suddenly realizing that we needed to add "with the kids" to that list. Don't get me wrong, we love the kids, but they're not big fans of modern art, forigen films, ethnic food, and walking long distances through the city at night.

What are they, 4 and & 7? Please. That's no excuse.

Anyway, we were a little sad to think we weren't going to have much time out together alone, but lucky for us we found a fledgling American fashion designer who is willing to babysit whenever we want.

A girl who needs cash + us needing a night away = DATE NIGHT!

So the first night we thought of just going to dinner and a movie, and then we were all, WAIT A MINUTE, WE LIVE IN PARIS! So instead, we went to the Pompidou Center, had some dinner, and walked all the way back to our apartment along the Seine. Cold, but amazingly fun, romantic, and so needed. It's gonna make those date nights back home suck big time, but I'll enjoy them Parisian style as long as I can!

Steve eating dinner and looking very bored, thus very French.

The best self portrait of us we could get along the Seine in the dark and with the bad camera, but here's one I stole from the internet that gives you a better idea.


Emily Gillrie said...

That looks so fun. I really want to walk the seine to now.