Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint-Valentin à Paris

Okay, I know it's been a few days, but we were in London for the weekend, and that will take quite a few posts to catch you up on, so I'll just fill you in on how we spent Valentine's day with tout la monde in Paris.

Seriously, Paris on Valentine's Day? Insane.

But it was a beautiful, albeit cold, day in Paris, and since those are few and far between, we couldn't waste it.

We decided to go out this afternoon to do what every kid wants to do on Valentine's Day: See Modern Art! Here's how it went:

We got the boys to the Pompidou Center by telling them about the cool escalators in tubes that take you to the top. Max was into it at this point (and, by the way, he has lost two front teeth in two weeks. It's pretty hilarious watching him eat a baugette).

After we all rode up we had a big, wide view of all of Paris.

And we also had a great view of the bubble guy, which made the rest of our visit to the Pompidou a little trying for all of us.

Then the reality hit Max and Jack: Mommy and Daddy are going to make us look at art. I thought they might enjoy the Matisse room since Jack loves to cut and paste.

I'm guessing that Max is whispering in Jack's ear something like "Hey, if you start crying now, we can get out of this place." Luckily he didn't listen.

Checking out some Dubuffet. I'm sure Max is turning around to say "Can we go see the bubble guy now?"

Uh, Jack, you need to turn around to see the art.
At this point we called it and headed out to see the bubble guy.

Okay, so the bubble guy is kinda cool. But grumpy. C'est Francais, n'est-ce pas? It was fun to watch all the Parisians in line smile and laugh at the kids as they chased the bubbles. After an especially big one Max said "Oh my gosh!" very loud, and they all laughed. It was one of those moments I forgave the Parisians for all their sins.

And then to one of our favorite places to eat in Paris, L'As du Falafel for some killer falafel.

Jack was not a fan. But at least he ate some pomme frites.

And then for a walk around The Marais looking in shop windows and checking out art.

And just before getting on the Metro, we saw some beautiful cakes made just for Saint-Valentin. Amazing. So amazing, in fact, we stopped at a patisserie on the way home for a Valentine's treat of our own.

Valentine's in Paris? C'est très bon.