Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toto, I Don't Think We're In Paris Anymore...

Oh, but we are. We are at La Défense, one of the business districts of Paris. When I first visited this area I thought I had somehow been transported from Paris to some futuristic Asian city after just a short ride on the Metro. It's a big departure from historical Paris, but it really appeals to my modern sensibilities, so I love it.

I find it just as beautiful as any old Arc de Triomphe any day.

City of the future. Built in the 80's and 90's.

Cool, curvy architecture.


And then, stuck between the buildings you find some beautiful, modern sculptures. Like this one by Joan Miró. Nice to have something pretty to look at on your lunch break.

But then, every once in a while, you are reminded that you are, indeed in Paris when you see some of the old mixed in with the new.

Tile Tower: This multi-story tower is completely covered with 1 x 1 mosaic tiles... well as this super-cool modern rainbow fountain.

And more color within the glass and steel. I saw this tower from the distance, and just had to walk up and see what it was made of.

Turns out it was covered with multi-colored metal pipes. I kinda went crazy with the photos, but all I had to do was point and shoot and voilà, modern art.

This is what I love about living in Paris vs. visiting Paris. You get the time to check out parts of the city like La Dèfense, where I probably wouldn't have taken time to check out if I was here for a short time. And it's totally worth seeing. And another thing I'm loving about Paris, Just when I think I figuring it out, I find it has more surprises in store for me.


M-L said...

Great pics!I can't keep up with your visits of the city either! Have you gone to Beaubourg yet?