Monday, April 6, 2009

And The Winner Is....

The time has finally come for me to decide which pendant light I'm going to get for our new house. I know, you're all probably getting sick of hearing all about the many decisions we have to make, but it's coming to an end soon and we'll all be put out of our misery.

As many of you probably remember, a couple of months ago I had a Pendant Light Poll where I showed the three fixtures I had narrowed my search down to, and I asked for opinions from you all. The results were overwhelming, and the winner is (drum roll, please) The Acrylic Hanging Light by Gus Modern.

I've been a little back and forth on it, even with all the great input from you all. I just wanted to be sure. In fact, I wanted to be so sure that I made a (very sorry looking) model of the light with poster paper and a replica of our dining table out of paper and laid it out in the space. It did help give me an idea of how it will look and that it won't be overwhelmed by the high ceilings. But what really helped me finally decide was when I found the Rex Pendant Light. We have two places for pendant lights in our entry hall that connects with the dining area, and these were just perfect. They have the same lines of the Acrylic Hanging Light, but are a good size to fit the hall, and aren't too expensive. When does that ever happen?

So, one more decision off my list, and one less thing to take up my (already limited) mental space. Except when I laid out the paper table and poster board lamp I found the electrician had totally put the electrical for the pendant light in the wrong place and we're going to have to move it.

One step forward, two steps back.


Cha Cha Snow said...

I approve of this decision.