Saturday, April 4, 2009

I ♥ modwalls and M.A.C

Rebecca, my alter-ego at, just posted my latest addition to their blog. It's all about the samples I ordered from their site and all the options I had to choose from. Really, there were so many it made my head spin. Choosing tile from their website is kinda like choosing a M.A.C lipcolor; there's are so many subtle shade variations you know you'll get it just right. Like I used to love M.A.C's Spice liner, but I wanted to go just a tad pinker, tada, they had Whirl. Genius.

Even though I second guess my house decisions on a daily basis, the tile hasn't been one of them. Actually, I just got a square foot sample of Walker Zanger glass tile this week and it was about half as thick and twice as expensive. You do the math.