Thursday, April 30, 2009

On The West Side Of The Tracks, 9 AM

This morning I was a little concerned that our contractor had taken out a hit on us. I know we're driving him crazy, and the feeling's mutual, but I really didn't think we were that picky.

Steve told me that he had set up a meeting, but when we got to the appointed place we found we were in an empty field in the middle of nowhere, where no one would be able to hear anything.

My heart started to beat just a little faster when a monster size truck with a very large barking German Shepherd pulled into the lot and headed straight towards us, and then it pulled up next to us and then this guy jumped out, grabbed my hand, and said "Hi, I'm Bob, let's look at some rock for your retaining wall." Whew!

But don't think I'm gonna stop watching my back.