Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saved by Rock and Roll

I had one of those nights where I was lying awake worrying about house building stuff. I drive myself so crazy running through things over and over in my head, and then by the morning I'm exhausted.

Instead of sleeping in this morning I decided to go to the gym and work it out, which felt like a bad idea until about 20 minutes in when I remembered why I do it. When I am working off stress I take my headphones and watch the video station with the volume turned up to 11, and it always works.

Today I discovered a new band Mando Diao, that really helped me let it all go. Sorry, I can't embed the video, but here's the song that saved me, "Long Before Rock and Roll."

God bless you, Mando Diao.


Take-a-Wipf said...

That is a great song. I first heard it listening to the bands under the radar podcast. It's worth checking out. About once a month or so this gal puts together a podcast of about 20 songs from up coming bands or ones that fallin' off the radar. You can get it off iTunes or she has a website www.bandsundertheradar.com