Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Ibiza, Chapter 17: Full Sail Ahead

Yesterday I went over to our house to see how the interior paint looked. I was worried because I had yet to see how the shade of white I chose was going to work. As I mentioned before, I was more than a little overwhelmed with choosing the right shade, so I just went with one we had used before. It is called Full Sail, and comes from Sherwin Williams, but isn't on their current pallet. It was part of the Martha Stewart collection from a few years back. To me, it is exactly the color of cream cheese (and, as Martha would say, that's a good thing); white with just a hint of yellow.

As I drove up to the house I had that queasy feeling that I might have another exterior house color experience, but as I walked in I was very pleasantly surprised. Here's some photos of how it turned out:

The windows to the backyard in the master bedroom. You can see the landing to the staircase just past the door frame, and there's a big maple pocket door that slides out to close off the room.

The fireplace, almost complete. There will be a slab on caesarstone put on the hearth for a place to sit, and then it will be done. I love how the warm white works with all the wood in the house.

The staircase in all it's glory. We thought of painting this wall behind the stairs some kind of accent color, and we still might, but I couldn't figure out what color at this point, so we just went with all white. I was afraid of it being boring, but I really love it. Once we get our woven bamboo floors in I think it will look great, and once we make our decorating choices we may decide to do it. I've learned recently if you don't know what to do, don't do anything. Works in most non-crisis situations (and I have taught myself that choosing paint colors does not constitute a crisis).

So, today I feel pretty great about the house. As I see it, if you can pick a good shade of white, you can pretty much do anything.


Cha Cha Snow said...

I think you'll really miss the ladder to your bedroom. I looks great!