Sunday, February 15, 2009

4.7 Pounds

I am proud to report that after two weeks of really hitting the eating right hard, I am now down to only 4.7 pounds above my ideal weight. I don't know what really made me get serious, but I am glad I did. I feel so much better eating right. Probably the biggest thing I changed is drinking water instead of soda. I'm a total diet soda addict, and I have cut down my consumption by half, and my body is thanking me for it. I drink at least six glasses of water a day, and I can really feel a difference in my energy level and my body just feels more balanced. I heard a lot about Aspartame Poisoning a few years ago, and I'm really starting to think there's something to it. All I know for sure is it feels much better carrying a premature newborn around with me 24/7 than it did a full term newborn. And I'm really looking forward to the day when all I'm carrying around is myself.