Sunday, February 8, 2009

CRASH! Part Deux

If you have ever considered buying a Volvo Cross Country, you may want to take the following into consideration: If you ever accidently hit a garbage can, going less than 15 mph, this very well may happen...

...and it will cost you $650 to fix it. Oh no, that's no typo, that's six hundred and fifty big ones.

But I digress.

The story actually begins with what I am now calling The Great Crash of 2009 on Tuesday morning. My head was still reeling about that big fiasco on Wednesday when I left to drop the kids at school and hit yoga so I could finally unwind. I had been especially been looking forward to it since Jack had school off on Monday and I didn't get my yoga in then, and with the hard drive fiasco, my chakras were a real mess. Anyway, get the boys in the car, pull out of the driveway (by the way, did I mention that Wednesday is trash pick up day?), start heading down the street to school when all of a sudden, BAM! I looked over to see what I had hit, and there was my poor passenger side mirror, hanging like a dislodged eyeball dangling from it's socket. I was surprised since I've had some minor hits on it before and since it's hinged it usually just knocks it forward. Well, once we got to Max's school I got out and got the bad news, this mirror was beyond repair I could handle, and since it's got an electrical system in it, I knew I had to leave it to the professionals.

Thus the $650.

I know Mama said there'd be days like this, but weeks? COME ON!

The saga of the week from hell continues tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Kate Bailey said...

Poor you, Laura. I'm so sorry!