Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check Out Jack and I Living In The Moment

The last day or two I have been trying to take my last post to heart and enjoy my kids more and live a little more in the moment. Check out my progress:

Yesterday I was finally able to take a long delayed shopping trip to buy Max some new clothes since he's recently grown out of just about everything. We took a stop at the carousel at the mall to make the whole experience a little less excruciating for Jack. I got a wink and a thumbs up, which is Jack's sure sign of approval.

And today we were running around doing errands and going to babysit for Janell, and we were driving by one of these blow up guys and Jack said he wanted to stop and touch him. At first the scheduler in my head said "Maybe next time, we've got to go," but then I looked at the clock in my car and saw that we had five minutes, and so I did a quick turn into the parking lot. Jack was shocked.

He was a little nervous to go touch it at first, but I encouraged him to do it because he has loved these guys ever since he was a baby.

After he saw me do it, he gave it a try and then laughed, then started poking it, and then looked up at me and said "Mommy, I love you." Well worth the three minutes out of the schedule.

So, yeah, I'm pretty much a pro at living in the moment now. Except when I sat down to write this post Jack asked me to play with him and I said "Just five more minutes..." I guess like most parts of parenthood this learning to live in the moment thing is a process.


Kate Bailey said...

Aww, what a good mom! I love that picture of the thumbs up and wink. Hilarious!

sarah said...

My kids love those green men, too. They're known as "asparagus men" in our house. But I don't think they've ever touched one.