Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rest Easy, I'll Still Be Writing About My Personal Menutia Everyday

I called Steve at work today to tell him about my crashed laptop, and I started the conversation with "I have some terrible news...," but before he could freak out too much I assured him that no one (well, at least no human) had died. He told me to relax, that they could probably retrieve all my info, but I'm still a little nervous considering the clicking noise my hard drive is making. Steve felt bad, and to ease my pain he told me he would bring home his laptop tonight so I can pile up a few blogs for the next few days while I am trying to nurse my MacBook back to health. I have an appointment on Thursday to have it examined. Wish me luck.


Christian said...

Do you use Time Machine with an external hard drive? My Mac (3+ years old) crashed last fall. Time Machine worked like a charm. When I started back up with a new computer I imported from it and it was as if I had never missed a beat. Fantastic. (Plus, I got the crashed one fixed so now we have two. Bonus.)