Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last night Max and Jack had their first sleepover with their cool older friend Liam. Since pictures say it so much better than words, this will be more a photo essay of their night together:

Homemade pizza for dinner. Max and Jack love Liam and how silly he is. They were in stitches the whole time he was here.

And Liam had his first experience with red pepper flakes on pizza. After a little drama and a slice of bread, he was fine.

After dinner it was time for pajamas, hot fudge sundaes with chocolate chip cookies, and a viewing of Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. Then it was time for bed. Well, more like time for jumping off the bunk bed onto Liam's makeshift bed on the floor. They finally went to sleep at about 9 PM, and halfway through the night Jack got in bed with Liam, and Liam was nice enough to let him sleep with him. Jack loves Liam! And Liam didn't complain once.

Everyone was up at 5:45 AM, and then breakfast at 7 AM (after Steve and I had them watch TV while we slept just a little longer).

Breakfast was Danish Ebelskievers and Brown Sugar Bacon. Recipes tomorrow...

Then, one of the biggest indulgences of the overnighter, video games in the morning. Liam showed the boys how to get past the Pod Race on Lego Star Wars so he is now their hero (like he wasn't already).

Then while I went to yoga, Steve took the boys out to slide down the dirt hill behind our condo.

Some sword fighting with PVC pipe...

...lots of climbing...

...and a lot of sliding down the dirt hill.

The only downside (other than the dirt, but maybe that's just me): rocks in the shoes.

There was a lot of fun had by all, but not much sleep. That's what sleepovers are all about, right? We think Liam had a good time because he was trying to line up another sleepover for next weekend while we drove him home. We can't wait to have him back, but maybe not next weekend.


mirjam said...

Well, Liam loved it! The first thing he said when he walked into the house was: It was AWESOME! He said it VERY loud! Thanks so much for making this such a fun experience for him!