Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Jack and I went to the airport today to pick up Steve after his trip to NYC. Jack asked every day he was gone if today was the day when we got to go pick up Daddy at the airport. When he asked this morning and I said yes he was so excited and couldn't wait to go. He was very patient with the errands and driving that had to be done before the airport, and when he finally saw Steve, he couldn't contain himself:


...and, finally, the first Daddy sighting. (Couldn't the guy in the green feed & grain cap have moved just a little bit to the right?)

The first hug is always the best...

...but lunch at Crownburger runs a close second.

By the way, I missed him too, and it never fails to make me tear up when he comes home and I see how much the boys love him. He's a total rock star in their eyes, and to be honest, I think he's pretty cool too.


Kate Bailey said...

Those pictures are adorable! Make sure you back them up so you don't lose them!!!! :) I always miss Adam whenever he has to leave too, and having kids just makes it all that much more special when they get back, doesn't it?