Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Good To Know I Have Friends That Have My Back (up).

I received an email from my friend Alison yesterday. She and I have been friends for close to 10 years now and we met while Steve and I were living in London. Alison still lives in London, so I rarely get to see her, but we have been pretty good at keeping in touch, and we have seen each other at least every couple of years on a variety of trips.
When Alison heard that I lost all my photos from my hard drive last week, she immediately started sending me photos from some of the trips we've gone on together, including my trip to Paris in the Fall. It was so thoughtful, and I am so grateful that at least they are good at backing up. Thanks, Alison, you made my day with this cute photo of Jack and Ivy:

And just because she's just about the cutest girl on the face of the earth, here's Ivy all grown up. Check out the hat, Alison knitted it herself, while watching 90210. I think you can see why we're friends:


Alison said...

No Problem. I hope if you don't get your data back, you can collect a few more pictures.

We miss you all, and wish we could hang out more. xx