Monday, July 6, 2009

I Think They Might Be Playing Too Many Video Games

Lately Max and Jack have been a little bit obsessed with the Lego Batman video game. They've had it since Christmas, but ever since their friend stayed over last weekend and showed them how to get to a new level, it's all they want to do, 24/7. I'm pretty strict on how much they play, but I've let things get a little more lax because it's summer vacation.

I did get a little disturbed the other day when I made them turn it off, and they started play-acting scenes from Lego Batman. I figured that it was better than sitting in front of the TV playing the real thing, so I didn't worry about it too much. That is, I didn't worry about it too much until Jack wanted Max to stop running and he said "Max, stop." No reaction. He said it again, "Max, stop." Nothing. Then, at the top of his lungs he yelled "Max, PAUSE!" and Max stopped dead in his tracks.

I'm thinking it may be time to tighten up the video game restrictions again.