Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paradise Lost

I really get bummed out when we have to leave the beach. I realized just this trip that this is the only place I go on vacation where I never feel ready to come home. Maybe this means I'm supposed to live here.

Whatever it means, as a little bit of therapy, I decided to mention all the things I'll miss. First and foremost, my morning walk along the sea wall. I mean, who wouldn't miss this?

And I'll miss one of my favorite meals in all the world, a Baja Fish Taco from La Salsa.

I won't really miss Legoland, but I know Max and Jack will.

I'll miss my good friends at Trader Joe's.

Oh yeah, and I'll miss the beach.

But I won't miss the sand in my tankini bottoms (I'll spare you a photo of that one).

Oh well, there's always next year.


It's Yoga Utah... said...

I feel your pain. We felt the exact same way when we had to leave :(