Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Ibiza, Chapter 20: A Litte Great Tile Can Make Your Whole Day

The other day my thoughtful friend Trish met me at yoga and gave me a journal. It was an Orla Kiely journal with the same design as this blog's template (what can I say, the woman knows me), and Trish told me that it was to write all the good things in it about the house since so much of it has been causing me stress.

Well, I have to admit it's still blank and sitting on my shelf (I think it may be too pretty to write in), but I do have something good to say about the house: THE TILE ROCKS! LITERALLY! Well, here's some photos so you can see what I mean:

The 3 x 6 glass and pebble tile we got from modwalls. We had to wait a couple of extra months for the right color because they were out of stock, but totally worth it! It hasn't been grouted yet, but the grout will be white and will really make the color pop.

See what I mean about the rocks. I saw this pebble tile used in a shower on a real estate show once and loved it. Then I saw it in my friend Susannah's beautiful house and was sold. It heats up with the hot water and gives you a little foot massage. I can't wait for my first shower in this beauty.

Chris, the coolest contractor on earth, grouting the pebble tile.

Clearing off the grout to give you an idea of how it will look when its finished.

I'm so happy with how this all is turning out. It's about time!


Alison said...

It really does look amazing Laura. Great choice of tile.

Mikilani said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Michael said...

Can you tell us the grout used for the kitchen tile and for the small bath moss tile? Where can I buy it?
Love your house!!


The Ricks said...

We used Mapei grout in Avalanche, and got it through our tile setter. Hope this helps, and good luck with your tile work!

The Ricks said...
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