Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Surfer Boy

I've been so impressed with Max's bravery during this trip to California. He's a cautious boy, and doesn't like to do anything where he could forsee himself getting hurt, but this trip he has been ripping up the waves with the big boys. He learned to boogie board and has been hard at it every day, so much so that he comes in with red eyes from all that salt water. But he loves it.

Heading out to hit the waves with the big boys. I mean, really, do you see the size of that thing he's heading towards? It's taller than the grown-ups out there. This is high tide where the ocean is so choppy that I don't even like to go in. Now that's courage.

Waiting to catch a wave.

Riding a good one in like a pro.

The proud stance. I think he earned the right to do it.

Man, I love this guy.


lara said...

That last photo is classic Steve!