Friday, January 29, 2010

J'Adore: (Real) Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Living in Paris is like living in a piece of art. Take our apartment for instance. I mean, who does molding like that anymore? Seriously.

But after living here for almost three weeks I'm noticing more. Just the other day I noticed these waves on the floor of our dining room.

At first I wondered what they were, and then I remembered this painting by Gustave Caillebotte:

After seeing this painting again I realized that these amazing herringbone wood floors are the real deal, hand scraped by real human beings, not some machine in a factory (and I have to admit, I definitely am not a fan the faux hand scraped wood floors that are all the rage these days. I guess I just have a problem with anything that pretends to be something it's not).

This picture could have been painted in our apartment, and I just imagine all those years ago people actually knelt on those hard floors to scrape them smooth. Or almost smooth.

Like so many things, the beauty is in the imperfection.


Anonymous said...
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Chelsea Jane said...

Wow, now I'm looking at our floors too. I love any trace of ordinary, day to day human life like that.