Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Les Ètudiants

The students arrived yesterday, and it was so good to have them here. It's amazing the energy they've brought to our life in Paris already!
Although they were totally jet lagged, we took them on a Seine river cruise yesterday afternoon to hit some of the highlights of Paris. Some of them took a little nap along the way, and even though it was freezing, it was lots of fun.

Max and Jack loved hanging out with the students. Jack is missing from the photos because he slept through the whole thing in the stroller. Oh well, we'll go again, but maybe we'll wait until spring.


Pitts Girl said...

Looks cold but fabulous! Love you guys.

The Peterson Homestead said...

How GREAT to see them and what a backdrop!!

M-L said...

Wow! you chartered a boat!!!