Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Le Parc Monceau With Guest Blogger Max

Since Max is in second grade, I'm home schooling him while we live in Paris. We do spelling, math, and most of all, writing. As part of his writing practice, Max is required to write an essay in his journal everyday. It's been a bit of a tedious process for both of us, and many days he takes over an hour to write one page. At first I assigned him what to write, but I figured if I let him decide what to write, things might go easier. Most often he writes about the things we've done the day before, so in the end he's going to end up with a great journal of his experiences when we're all done.

Today he wrote his best essay yet (and in only 40 minutes), so, to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to have him write the blog post today about our visit to Le Parc Monceau yesterday, so here's his essay and some photos to go along with it.