Sunday, January 24, 2010

J'adore: Wearing Black

Want to know another thing I love about Paris?

Everyone wears all black, all the time.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to wear black a little too much. I always have, and I'm sure I always will. Sometimes at home people look at me as if I am a bit out there for this adoration, and I'm sure I've been considered a bit odd by many and called a "goth" behind my back, but I don't care, I still love it.
When we moved to London way back when I felt like I had come home at last because I finally fit in with all the women wearing all black with just a touch of charcoal gray. And I'm having the same experience here in Paris. I found this great article about the love Parisian's have for black, and felt like they totally got me and I totally got them.

It was a beautiful moment.

So, I've been letting my inner black lover come out, and ever since I have I've had people ask me directions in French more times than I can count, which makes me feel like I must look the part.

I have to say, even though I don't speak the language, it's great to feel understood.


Alison said...

Black is the new Black.
Laura you are the most European tres elegant Utahn I have ever met!

mirjam said...

Next thing you know you end up on the Sartorialist's blog like all those other Parisians...