Friday, January 15, 2010

Mâche Pit

My friend Mirjam turned me onto mâche a few months ago, but it is almost impossible to find at home. I had it in a restaurant for the first time recently, and loved it, so I was very happy to see the grocery store across the street from us has it all the time.
I bought some and made a salad one of the first nights we were here, and Jack was intrigued. He didn't want to admit it at first seeing as all green leafy things are his mortal enemy, but finally he asked for some, and I was more than happy to oblige. At first he said he didn't like it, but then, miraculously, a smile came over his face and he said "Wait a minute, I do like it." Now he can't get enough of the stuff, and we've had it every night for dinner since, and he eats it like candy.

I just had to get some photo documentation of this moment. And it makes me realize that kids will eat their leafy greens if the leafy greens are worth eating.


davinny04 said...

Hey! So glad you have this blog. You guys look great, the apartment, fabulous, and scootering at the Tour Eiffel, priceless. Love you guys!