Friday, October 10, 2008

The Choice Is Clear

We were at my parent's house the other night for dinner and were having our usual political discussion. My parents are Republicans, and voting for McCain, so I always have to try my best to set them straight. To my parent's credit, they do listen to me, and I enjoy talking to them about politics. Even though they don't agree with me, they let me go off without any negative repercussions.
So, we were discussing the Vice-Presidential Debates and Max was at their sliding glass door with some markers my Mom bought so the kids can draw on them (see, she's great at that stuff). I looked over and saw he had written down the words Obama and McCain (scary how closely they listen). We all laughed and asked him who he was voting for, and he crossed out McCain. My parents were overjoyed because they thought he meant McCain, but then he put a check next to Obama and smiled slyly when he admitted he wanted him to win. My parents were a bit deflated, but I was glad to see that I'm raising him right. Or just succeeding with the brainwashing.


Kate Bailey said...

isn't it great to have kids you can brainwash? :) no, i'm just kidding... but it is nice to be able to teach your values and ideas to someone without worrying about stepping on someone else's feet. adam and i are so excited to be able to teach hannah about taking care of the world around her and respecting and protecting animals and things like that... which are all things that raise eyebrows with the rest of our family. oh well! someday these kids can choose for themselves, right?