Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Ibiza - Chapter 3: The Foundation

Well, there is actually the beginnings of a house on our lot, and we're really getting excited. We can now see how the basement will look, and some of the cool angles our architect used in the design (this house is all about angles, mostly triangles). Here's some photos:

With the foundation forms up. These photos make it look like we are planning on making our basement into a Medieval dungeon. I promise, we're not. Although it might make it more effective when our kids get sent to their rooms for time out.

With the forms off, you can see the window placement. I have never been much of a fan of basement living space, but since we could put in huge windows and make the ceilings 9', I think it will be great. Along with the kids rooms and a guest room, there will be a TV/ family room underground.

Bonus! You get 1/4 of Jack's head included in this photo, absolutely free of charge.


Kate Bailey said...

it's kind of neat watching it all coming along! and man, i'm glad that it was free to see 1/4 of jack's head, because i've heard that that is usually pretty expensive.